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Tags: spirit, spirituality, indigenous, mythology, philosophy, science, religion, reality, truth

Although still in progress, this book exemplifies the evolution of a manuscript; it is a complete overhaul of the original manuscript, several years later. Whereas the original book was decidedly too preachy and the tone of voice too imposing, this one is expectantly not so, though the content is unavoidably controversial. The goal of this work is to leave readers with the profound realization that, regardless of our scientific theories, religious principles, and philosophical propositions, "all this"—the universe and everything in it, including consciousness—should be absolutely impossible, improbable, and implausible. And yet, though "it" should not "be," there "it is" and here "we are." When you [the reader] fully grasp the impact of this irrefutable actuality—irrespective of any axioms—you will indubitably know it; it should leave you to marvel at only one unambiguous question: "How is 'all this' even possible?"