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Tags: spirit, spirituality, indigenous, mythology, philosophy, science, religion, reality, truth

I have traveled and seen many peoples of different cultures, traditions, and customs the world over. I was educated and lived for extended periods in different countries, including Guyana, where I was born; England; China; Egypt; Kazakhstan; and Canada, where I now reside. My upbringing was moderate with respect to religious observances, and I learned to embrace other religions. Perhaps because of this, I have never felt a strong connection with religious beliefs and customs; I could not quite see myself fitting into any particular cultural or traditional mold. Yet at some deeper level I felt drawn to them all, despite their inherent differences.


I grew up partly indoctrinated in an Islamic tradition I could not identify with, mainly because Arabic was not my first language and I disliked the rote memorization of the Quran, which was an activity expected of young Muslims. But as I grew older and my language skills improved, I developed an interest in languages and linguistics. I also realized that religion-or any system of beliefs, for that matter-is inseparable from culture and tradition. For this reason, I have endeavored to keep an open mind regarding religion through reasoning and logic, and I convinced myself that the world would be much worse off without its sound moral codes, values, and affective imagery or symbolism.


Regardless of this conviction, however, I could not assume a disposition of blind faith based on the unsubstantiated beliefs of religious principals and subsequent interpretations of these beliefs conveyed via indoctrination. I needed to investigate the origin of the beliefs to find the "genesis" of spirituality; I endeavored to seek this foundation through whatever sources were available in order to satisfy my "natural" curiosity. But while seeking enlightenment, I developed an appreciation for humankind's greatest achievements.


My journey through life has culminated in this written work: a legacy for all humankind.




Reza Mohamed


A book on spirituality with or without religion.