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Tags: spirit, spirituality, indigenous, mythology, philosophy, science, religion, reality, truth

February 28, 2017

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May 5, 2014

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May 5, 2014

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The Impenetrable Veil

September 22, 2014

There is an impenetrable veil between knowledge (self-evident truths and unsubstantiated beliefs) and ultimate reality, the mystery behind the veil. Since prehistoric times, long after we evolved a conscious psyche, we have attempted to penetrate this veil through self-induced ecstatic seizures and other altered states of consciousness. Sages and seers have even attempted to penetrate this veil through extended periods of meditation, as well as interpretation of dream images and symbols.


Today, many of us are content with the mythologies and metaphysics handed down by the ancients. We neither feel the need to go beyond our particular nurtured religious customs and beliefs, nor wish to explore the primitive origins of our religions. We feel that somehow this knowledge will taint our faith and impair our religious convictions. But this superficial presentiment or apprehension is an illusion, since we all share a vast collective unconscious psychic repository containing eons of data in the form of images, motifs and symbols.


We may feel that science will disrupt or denigrate our religious systems with facts or self-evident truths. But as compelling as science may appear, even science cannot penetrate the collective unconscious veil that is manifested in our dreams and visions. Throughout history and prehistory mankind have employed dream interpreters. Thus, we are still resigned to using mythology and metaphysics to explain how and why we exist in this wondrous universe.


The posts in this blog contain psychological, mythological or metaphical, views that may conflict with orthodox religious views. But as all religious thought is derived from the same primitive spiritual sources (psychic imprints and motifs), these posts are not intended to discredit or disprove any particular religion. They are only intended as a means to augment, compare and contrast, the various interpretations and beliefs around the world concerning our existence.

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