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Tags: spirit, spirituality, indigenous, mythology, philosophy, science, religion, reality, truth

February 28, 2017

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May 5, 2014

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May 5, 2014

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November 12, 2014

Firstly, I would like to state that any attempt to describe or explain the relationship between mankind, the world, and the gods is mythology. However, mythology is very important in human affairs because it is deeply rooted in the collective human psyche beyond our conscious awareness. In fact, through our unconscious, it guides our daily activities through subtle influences or tendencies that determine our actions without us even knowing it.


Evidently, the monotheistic God wears many masks—as if acquired from ancient pantheons—all of which are mythological inventions of humankind that were subverted and transformed over the ages into a concretized form by various religious groups. Throughout history and prehistory, many so-called seers and prophets have claimed to know God. But, as there is no adequate definition, God is clearly unknowable. More than this, We cannot describe linguistically or even derive mathematically how or why we exist. We cannot possibly conceptualize a potential that is so great it is observable from an insignificant perspective in all of nature on this very remote planet, located somewhere in such an incomprehensibly vast universe. At our very best, all we can do is anthropomorphize and personify this potential with our inventive imagination in various kinds of spiritual being or thing.


Nevertheless, I would like to point out the importance of mythology in our human lives and societies. Through myths, legends, religion and folklore we have conceptualized our living reality, and explained all this to our children so that they may understand our world as we do and pass it on. The mythological lessons have led to great literature and art, as well as to magnificent structures and pageantry. But, the lessons also have a dark and sinister side that have led to unspeakable acts of violence and destruction to ourselves and everything around us.


As sentient beings gifted with the additional sense or faculty of intellect, we have a responsibility to act with discretion in all matters regarding our health (both physical and psychological) and that of the earth, including the atmosphere that sustains and protects us from the lethal radiation of outer space. No other organism in the history of the earth has polluted the oceans with so much lead and the atmosphere with so much CFC in such a short blip of time.


Of course, none of this would be possible without the “word”. Whether in spoken or written form, language has clearly defined our species and differentiated us from the other species’ on Earth. No one truly knows how or why our species acquired the gift of language, but we are not the only species that can communicate with its own kind (or with other species') through various stimulus-response mechanisms.


Now, it’s time for us to awaken from the spell of ideological indoctrination, and quicken the pace towards a healthier, well-informed, cooperative reality.

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